Joining HKN

hkn_shieldThe Beta Eta Chapter seeks electrical and computer engineers that exemplify the qualities of scholarship, leadership, and attitude. With this in mind, invitations are sent out to the top quarter of juniors, top third of seniors, and graduate students within the ECE majors. These invitations are sent out at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. In order to be inducted, pledges must display the three qualities by attending various service and social events as described below.

Interest Meeting

An interest meeting for prospective pledges will be held approximately a week after invitations are sent out. If for some reason you plan on pledging and are unable to attend, please contact us as soon as possible so you can receive additional specifics for pledging.

Service Events

The main focus of the pledge initiation process is volunteering within our department and our community which reaffirms two of the three points that comprise the Beta Eta Chapter’s mission statement. Tutoring is our most popular service event, as pledges are able to help fellow students with ECE related coursework. Pledges will be required to volunteer at two HKN service events.

Social Events

Also important to the initiation process is fostering a sense of community among pledges and members. Our chapter will hold social events throughout the semester so that pledges can get to know each other better, forming connections and friendships with other engineers. Pledges will be required to attend at least one social event.

If for some reason a pledge is unable to attend the required number of events, you should contact an officer in order to determine possible alternatives.

Induction Ceremony

Pledges will be invited along with their families to attend the induction ceremony which will be followed by dinner. This ceremony is typically held in Engineering Building II on Centennial Campus. At this ceremony, pledges are officially inducted as members of the Beta Eta Chapter at North Carolina State University.


Dues are $90 and can be paid via cash or check to an officer in EB2 1029 (HKN/IEEE Lounge) or at any HKN event. This is a one time fee for life! Checks can be made out to “Eta Kappa Nu, Beta Eta Chapter”. The final day to turn in dues is typically two weeks before the induction ceremony, late dues will not be accepted. If you have any questions or concerns regarding dues, please contact the treasurer.